Are you divided?

"A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution." - Angela Merkel


This is a strange time for us; some are scared, some are angry; some are sad. The world is divided over issues we've never had due to this pandemic and its economic repercussions. We don't know what to expect; everyone is uncertain about the next move and restless as we wait. This can be an ugly time divided or a beautiful time together.

This is far from the first time society has been faced with adversity though and we have always overcome. The key is adapting to the change and this means compromise. There are so many personalities in the world that we are bound to disagree, but we win by bringing all of our strengths together. Think of the Guggenheim art museum - sculptures by Brancusi, impressionist paintings by Degas, murals by Jackson Pollock, and so much more. Several types of creative genius made it a wonder; it would be nothing with just one artist, just as our world would be nothing without many walks of life.

If you are essential, thank you for working hard. If you are non-essential, thank you for staying home. If you are able, get your elderly neighbor groceries, make masks, tutor kids online, teach paint classes, and help where you can. If we all do our part, we will build something beautiful together.

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