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We help international professionals break into global markets by breaking through language and cultural barriers.

How can we help you?



More than 1,000 clients have benefited from private coaching, cultural workshops and team building activities developed by Living in America.  I could have never imagined how many lives would be changed when I started this adventure 10 years ago, but I surely hope to continue for many more years.


My adventure started with a love of English in college.  After I graduated from a small Catholic college, I started life in corporate America.  37 countries, 10 years, 2 languages later, I found my passion - helping others express themselves.  I started with ESL lessons for foreign expatriates but soon added cultural training sessions for my clients. Gradually, the firm expanded to all forms of communication coaching.

I bring a plethora of experience and education to each and every one of my clients including M.A. English, Six Sigma Green Belt, CFS HR certification, TEFL certification, 20 + years Sales & Marketing experience, 20 + years on global teams, and much more. I hope that my skills and expertise can be of service to you and your business.  Let's build your success together!

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